sheppardbid33: Can anyone answer a question for me??
sheppardbid33: When i plug in my lipo batt fully charged. And as soon as i push high battery buzzer goes off. EVERYTIME I PUSH THE THROTTLE. Used 5 diff batteries..all are getting ruined even thoigh i land it when it goes of fully..
Clevelakefpv: hi
Clevelakefpv: uh
Clevelakefpv: idk what this is but uh yeah
Clevelakefpv: bye
Clevelakefpv: one thing, SOMEBODY MAKE A EVENT IN NORTH MAINE ;-;
Kerni_FPV: so alone :(
Troybakes: Is this a chat room for fpv talk
Troybakes: Hello
Troybakes: Is anyone there hello hello hello
Troybakes: Alright I'll give it 10 minutes
Troybakes: So I have a question if anyone can answer that be awesome I just recently purchased a unicorn 220 racing drone I've crashed it multiple times changed out a motor and a 20 amp ESC right now a motor is down and I am not sure what to do I don't think it's the flight control and it's not giving me any readings in cleanflight any suggestions
BLSXPFPV: This is Brett from Insane labz, the #1 Brand in E-Sports for our Product I think we could exceed in the Drone Racing World and could help grow the sport all around. We are looking for Ambassadors/Partners to rep our products and merchandise. Let me know if you would be interested or know anyone that would be interested in being an Ambassador for us.
StingerFPV: hi guys, anyone there?
StingerFPV: I had a crash with my racing drone the other day, and it doesn't look like there is any damage, but when I re connected the FPV goggles to my drone, a static screen with black and white lines just came up. can anyone help?

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