International Time Trial Competition

FPV racing is taking off all around the world. The problem for some people who live in small towns or remote locations is that they can't find anyone to race with. To help them get in on the action, we've created the International Time Trial Competition. Anyone, anywhere in the world can compete. All you need is an FPV quadcopter and an open area roughly the size of a football field.

Entries close at midnight (UTC) on the 31st of July.


  • Spec - 3S LiPo and no other restrictions
  • Open - No restrictions

Course #2

Place two airgates 100m (328ft) apart. Use a 100m spool of fishing line to help you measure the distance. Take off from just behind airgate #1 and fly through it. Continue flying straight through airgate #2 then turn around, fly back through it and then through airgate #1. Repeat this for 2 more laps. You will fly through each airgate 6 times. Your time finishes the moment you fly through airgate #1 the final time.

We trust entrants to mark out the course properly. If we do discover any attempt to cheat it will result in a life-time ban from competition and possibly some kind of public shaming or ass-kicking.

How to Enter

  1. Sign up then visit this event and click "Attending".
  2. Fly the course whilst recording HD video on a Mobius, GoPro or similar camera.
  3. Upload the video to YouTube with "FPVRACING.TV Time Trial Course #2" and your finishing time in the title. In the description field, include details of your quadcopter build (frame, LiPo, props, motors, ESCs and flight controller) and a link to


  1. You must fly using FPV.
  2. You must record HD video of your flight to be eligible to win.
  3. We reserve the right to modify the rules at any time if necessary.
  4. Our judges' decision is final.


The winner of the Open class will receive a $100 gift voucher to spend at Ctrl.Me


If your business would like to sponsor this competition, please contact [email protected]

Current Entries

Don't be afraid to upload your result even if you don't beat the current first place time. We sometimes award prizes for random entries!

Previous Winners